PonyCon AU: It’s Been So Long!!!

Hi everyone! It’s been ages since we had an update so let’s get this rolling.

You may have been wondering if Seaponies Paradise was the end for PonyCon AU. Well, it has meant a bit of hard thinking and changes for us as a team. Fortunately the fundraiser went well and we were able to end with everything settled.

The biggest change is one you probably can tell by the bottom banner. SalvageCon has officially taken the reigns from AusCons with running these events. Hopefully knowing that there has been a transition from AusCons to SalvageCon (and not someone that you haven’t dealt with before) it will assure you that PonyCon AU is in safe hands and will be back and running soon.

This however does mean a few people have left the team. We’d like to thank all those who have worked so hard in the past and wish them well in their new adventures.

As for PonyCon Au itself, we are taking a break this year to allow everyone to settle into their new roles. However, with a new team comes some questions. We’ve run cons before but these have included things we wanted. However this fandom isn’t about us, it’s about everyone. We’d like you to have a say about the future of PonyCon AU. If you could fill out the quick survey below it will help us to make some important decisions about any future events.

Lastly we do need help and are looking for a new pool of volunteers. If you are interested please contact us at HERE.

Kind Regards,

The New PonyCon Exec



For any questions or enquiries, CONTACT US


[10/02] Edit: If you come across any problems on the survey or have any further questions/concerns, please do EMAIL US




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