PonyCon AU needs your help!

Important Announcement from the PCAU team


PonyCon AU would like to once again thank everyone who came to Seaponies Paradise this year, it’s only with the support of our community that we were able to host such a fantastic weekend for Aussie Bronies.

Unfortunately, PonyCon AU has run into some trouble with costs we incurred running the event in 2015. Due to unforeseen issues arising at the eleventh hour, we still have roughly $8000 to pay off by the end of April. Whilst we will continue to work on the problem from our end, the PCAU team could really use some help from the community that’s supported us so well in the past.

Nobody is obligated to donate anything, of course, but without some help we will sadly be unable to run the event in next year or in the future – PCAU needs 3,000 by the end of March, and a further 5,000 by the end of April.

If you’re interested in helping out, please follow this link here.

Even if you are unable to donate, simply sharing this message to others in the fandom will help us out immensely. Keep an eye on our Facebook page as we continue to upload the panels and events to our YouTube page.

PCAU 2015 – Sunday Voice Actor Panel

Did you miss the Sunday’s Voice Actor Panel? Or maybe you were unable to attend PonyCon AU this year? Perhaps you attended and just want to watch the whole thing again? Worry not, we’ve got you covered!

We recorded the whole panel from start to finish, so you can catch up on the action right here, from the comfort of your own chair. There’s plenty of material, so sit back, relax and enjoy! We’re sure Ingrid, Mehgan and Cathy’s energy and enthusiasm is just as good recorded as it was live.

Seaponies Paradise Survey

We’d once again like to thank everyone who came to PonyCon AU this year. We’ve said it before, but we really could not produce PCAU without all the support we receive from our fans and your passion for the show! After each PonyCon AU, we like to offer a survey for our attendees to fill out, that way they can let us know what they especially enjoyed and would like to see again, and advise us of anything they’d like to see changed or added in future years.

If you’d like to fill out this year’s survey, you can find it here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NMN3LYJ

Since there’s quite a few questions this year, we’ve decided to offer some prize packs for people who complete the survey. Thanks to our friends over at Ponified, we have some of their fantastic card packs as prizes. Just fill in and submit your answers and you’ll go in the running to win!

Seaponies Paradise Artist Challenge

Didn’t have the chance to see everything you wanted to see on the Main Stage at Seaponies Paradise? We’ve got you covered! Thanks to our dedicated Production team, we’re now in the process of uploading a variety of the panels and events from PCAU 2015.

If you didn’t get the chance to see the Artist Challenge live this year, you really shouldn’t miss the recording. Watch as our talented artists go head to head in a competition for the ages.

Make sure to keep an eye on our page for more Panels and Events from Seaponies Paradise, as well as a survey all our attendees will be able to fill out.

Thank You!

Well, another year and another PonyCon AU is done and dusted until the next one. We’d like to thank you guys; our fans and attendees! It’s your support that makes this putting the convention together every year so worthwhile, and without you all there wouldn’t even be a PonyCon AU.

Additionally, a lot of work was put into this year’s con to make it what it was, and we’d particularly like to extend our gratitude to all of our volunteers.

Thank you all for your support, and we look forward to seeing you all again next time!

Photo courtesy of SeaSpray (Joseph Tan)


PCAU Live-Stream

For those that can’t make it we have a live-stream up. Also on this weekend (and also streaming) is Hearth’s Warming Con over in the Netherlands.


Both can be found on the PVL! front-page [here]

Info on both cons, the schedules and more can be found [here]

(Though it is worth mentioning that due to the adverse weather conditions present at both cons we are having stream drop-outs and other occasional issues, though we will try to do what we can)

Seaponies Paradise Weather Warning

twilight rain

We’re sure everyone travelling up to Surfers Paradise has read about or noticed the weather outside, as we’d like to give everyone another reminder to stay safe over the weekend. PonyCon AU and the Outrigger aren’t in the path of the TCMarcia, but we’re sure to get some wild wind and a lot of rain, so it’s advisable that everyone stay indoors.

If you do have to go outside – try to make it quick! Be careful of the wind and stay out of any water you see. The PCAU team is dedicated to bringing everyone a great weekend at the Convention, and we want everyone to stay safe and dry at PonyCon AU.

PonyCon AU Pro Tips!

There’s only a few days left till PonyCon AU: Seaponies Paradise, and there’s some general protips we’d like to share to make sure everyone has a great time at the Convention

1. Drink plenty of water. Although it seems to weather will be doing it’s best to drown us it would be good to bring a large bottle with you so you have enough for the day. Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean it won’t be hot, and dehydration is no fun for anybody!

2. Wear deodorant. With lots of people in the one space, it can get warm even when air conditioned. Deodorant is a must! That being said, please also be considerate of those with asthma and similar conditions, and don’t spray deodorant around the convention.

3. Shower. Lots of deodorant is no substitute for a shower. Be considerate to your fellow convention goers!

4. Sunscreen. If you plan to leave the convention to go get food etc, sunscreen and a hat would be wise. Even if the sky is overcast, the UV rating can still get quite high, and it’s prudent to come prepared.

Lets have the best possible time at PonyCon AU: Seaponies Paradise!

Banter Toys ticket competition Winners!


It’s time to announce the 15 lucky people who have won a prize pack from Banter Toys. If you see your name here, we’ll be emailing you very soon! You’ll be able to collect your prize on the day when you pick up your ticket.

Congratulations to:
Brandon Bentzen
David Hilder
Darren Tan
David Hadlow
Andrew Watson
Madison Cooper
Harry Sewalski
Ray Williams
Andrew Monsif
Abbie Costa
Melissa Raynor
kelly wilson
Andrew Hobbs
Carson Marain
Marc Pastyr

We want to thank everyone that has bought tickets to PonyCon AU: Seaponies Paradise, thank you for supporting us and helping us make this convention a reality.
Remember to buy your tickets! Online sales close midday on Friday, and ticket sales on the day will cost $3 more for After Dark, $5 more for single day passes, and $10 more for a weekend pass.

Buy tickets here: https://ponycon.com.au/tickets/

Cathy Weseluck unable to attend Seaponies Paradise



We’ve got some very unfortunate news for everyone attending PonyCon AU this year. We
were advised recently by Cathy Weseluck that due to sudden and unforeseen circumstances,
she will regrettably no longer be able to attend the convention in Surfers Paradise. She is
immensely disheartened and disappointed by this unavoidable decision, understands fully the
disruption and disappointment for all of us that this may cause, but assures us if there were
any way at all the situation could be rectified, she would do so.

We are deeply saddened that our attendees will be unable to meet her in person, and she has
assured us that she is equally upset that she won’t be able to meet the attendees who have
come to see her.

Despite the sad news, it’s not all doom and gloom. Cathy still wants to make an appearance
and talk to everyone that has come up to Queensland for the weekend, and she’ll be stopping
by via Skype on the Saturday and Sunday during the guest panels to answer some questions
and talk about her voice acting career. Cathy will also be participating in a VIP question time
on the Saturday evening.

Not only that, Cathy’s agency has secured for us a replacement second AND third
guest: Ingrid Nilson the voice of Maud Pie, and GM Berrow, author of the popular My Little
Pony chapter books and one of the newest show writers. We look forward to having them
attend the convention, and thank them for setting aside the time to do so on such short notice.
We’re dedicated to ensuring all of our attendees get the full value of their time at our
convention, and we will work with all of our guests to ensure that nobody goes home